Young's Pizza plays a major part in the history and tradition of its hometown and the surrounding area.  In 1853, Captain Richard King purchased the Rincon de Santa Gertrudis land grant.  He built on it what was to become the world famous King Ranch, home of the first registered cattle breed to date which has been developed in the United States, the Santa Gertrudis breed.  In 1903, the Ranch sold part of its land from the Santa Gertrudis Division to help finance a railroad.  The city of Kingsville was founded in 1904, and grew up around this railroad.  South Texas State Teacher's College opened its doors in 1925.  In 1929, it became Texas A&I University.  This is the home of the nationally acclaimed "Fightin' Javelinas."  Texas A&I became part of the renowned Texas A&M University system in 1989.  The establishment of Naval Air Station Kingsville on Independence Day of 1942 was another major development for Kingsville.  The base is the headquarters for Training Air Wing Two, which produces approximately 200 naval and marine aviators a year.  The lightning of success and achievement struck again in 1956 when Roy and Margo Young opened Young's Root Beer Drive-In.  Customers were eager from the word go and in 1958, Young's became the first Pizza place in town by adding the hot item to its menu.  Roy and Margo's son, Danny, came home from military duty in 1966 and began to run the business.  He changed the name to Young's Pizza and added several hot sandwiches to the menu.  Young's was also one of the first places in town to serve submarine sandwiches at that time.  In 1971, Scott Conard began working for Young's as a delivery boy.  He was quick and eager to learn and moved up to manager in less than two years.  He bought into the business as partner in 1975 when Danny moved to Austin, and in 1977, they decided to relocate Young's to it's present day location at 625 W. Santa Gertrudis.  Scott bought the place "lock, stock, and barrel" in 1980.  In 1985, the property Young's Pizza occupied was purchased from Joel Cavazos, another local businessman.  The latest change to the business came in the mid 90's when Scott and his wife Claudia incorporated Young's Pizza.  Young's has had several other "firsts" in its very diverse history.  "Hot Patooties, Frozen Yogurt," and "Gyros" came to Kingsville via Young's.  The history of Young's wouldn't be complete without mentioning the "Texicali," a submarine created by Danny young in the eary 70's.  Young's Pizza has the honor of being the "Birthplace of the Texicali."  Since 1956, Young's has been known for its quality food and quality service, and our employees today strive to keep that goal strong.  We take great pride in our work, our community, and we will always work to find new and better ways to serve YOU, our valued customer!

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